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Exploring the beauty of Humenné / Slovakia as Solo Traveller.

Humenné: The Perfect Destination for Solo Women Travelers


Welcome to my travel blog! As a solo woman traveler, I understand the excitement and concerns that come with exploring new places on your own. In this post, I’ll be your virtual guide to Humenné, a hidden gem in Eastern Slovakia, and provide you with valuable tips and insights to make your solo adventure here safe, fun, and unforgettable.

Getting to Humenné

When it comes to traveling to Humenné, you have a few options. The nearest international airport is Košice International Airport, which offers regular flights from major European cities. From there, you can take a comfortable train or bus ride to Humenné, enjoying the picturesque landscapes along the way.

Transportation Tip:

If you prefer a more personalized experience, consider booking a reliable taxi service in advance to ensure a smooth transfer from the airport to Humenné. It’s always good to have hassle-free transportation, especially as a solo female traveler.


Humenné offers a range of accommodation options suitable for every budget and preference. From cozy and affordable guesthouses to stylish boutique hotels, you can find something that suits your needs while providing a comfortable and safe environment.

Recommended Stay:

The charming Hotel Karpatia is an excellent choice for solo travelers. With its central location, warm hospitality, and modern amenities, it offers a home away from home experience. The hotel staff is knowledgeable and can provide you with helpful tips and recommendations for exploring Humenné.

Exploring Humenné

Humenné is a small town with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene. Here are some must-visit attractions and activities that are perfect for solo women travelers:

1. Château Humenné

Immerse yourself in the town’s history and visit the stunning Château Humenné. This neoclassical gem is surrounded by a beautiful park, offering a peaceful retreat for solo travelers. Don’t miss the guided tours of the interior, where you can learn more about the town’s past and enjoy breathtaking views from the tower.

2. Zemplínska Šírava Lake

If you’re a nature enthusiast, a visit to Zemplínska Šírava Lake is a must. Just a short drive from Humenné, this picturesque reservoir offers various water activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming. You can also relax on one of the sandy beaches or hike in the surrounding forested hills.

3. Local Cuisine

Indulge in the delicious Slovak cuisine that Humenné has to offer. From hearty stews and dumplings to traditional pastries, you’ll find plenty of local dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t forget to try the famous Bryndzové Halušky, a traditional Slovak potato dumpling dish topped with sheep cheese.

Staying Safe and Connected

Safety should always be a priority when traveling solo. Here are a few tips to ensure your peace of mind:

1. Stay Connected

Make sure you have a working mobile phone with a local SIM card. This will allow you to call for help in case of emergencies or easily get in touch with your accommodation or tour operators.

2. Trustworthy Tours and Guides

When booking tours or hiring guides, ensure they come from reputable companies with positive reviews. It’s essential to feel comfortable and secure with the people you choose to accompany you during your exploration of Humenné.


Humenné is a hidden gem that offers solo women travelers an unforgettable experience. From its rich history and cultural attractions to its natural beauty and warm hospitality, this town has it all. Follow the tips provided, trust your instincts, and get ready for an incredible journey to Humenné. Safe travels!

Accommodation Options in Humenné for Solo Women Travelers

1. Hotel Eger

A centrally located hotel with comfortable rooms and a friendly staff. Offers amenities such as a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and a fitness center.

2. Penzion Alessia

A charming guesthouse located near the city center. Provides cozy rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. Breakfast included.

3. Penzion Grand

A budget-friendly guesthouse offering basic yet clean rooms. Conveniently situated close to public transportation and local attractions.

4. Stella Paradise Guest House

A peaceful guest house with pleasant surroundings. Provides comfortable accommodation and a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Hostel Humenné

An affordable hostel offering dormitory-style rooms. Perfect for budget-conscious solo travelers. Shared kitchen facilities available.

6. Camping and Caravan Options

Unfortunately, there are no camping or caravan options within the city of Humenné. However, there are campsites available in nearby towns and villages, including Domaša and Medzilaborce.

Must-See Places in Humenné

1. Vihorlat Museum

Located in the city center, this museum showcases the local history and culture. You can explore various exhibitions, including historical artifacts and artwork.

2. Chateau Humenné

A beautiful historic chateau offering guided tours. Explore the stunning architecture, learn about the noble families who resided here, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

3. Družba Park

A peaceful park perfect for leisurely walks or picnics. Features lush greenery, beautiful flowerbeds, and benches where you can relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

4. Zemplínska Šírava

A popular recreational area located near Humenné. Visit the artificial lake for swimming, water sports, or simply enjoying the sandy beaches and surrounding nature.

5. Church of St. Nicholas

An impressive Gothic-style church with stunning architecture and intricate interior decorations. Take a moment to appreciate the religious significance and historical aspects of this landmark.

6. Urban’s Tower

A restored medieval tower offering panoramic views of the city. Climb to the top and enjoy the scenic vistas of Humenné and its surroundings.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Humenné

Slovak Halušky

Slovak Halušky is a traditional dish that originates from the region of Humenné. It consists of small dumplings made from grated raw potatoes and flour, which are boiled until they become soft and chewy. The dumplings are then typically topped with sheep cheese (bryndza) and crispy bacon bits. The combination of the soft and hearty dumplings with the tangy and creamy bryndza creates a delicious and satisfying meal.


Zemlovka is a popular Slovak dessert that is often enjoyed in Humenné. It is a bread pudding made from stale bread soaked in sweetened milk and mixed with eggs, cinnamon, raisins, and sometimes apples. The mixture is baked until it forms a golden-brown crust on top. Zemlovka is a comforting and sweet treat, perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth.

Rybacie Filé s Ovocím

Rybacie Filé s Ovocím, or Fish Fillet with Fruit, is a delightful main course often found in Humenné. It usually consists of a tender and flaky fish fillet, such as trout or pike, cooked with a variety of fresh fruits, such as oranges, lemons, or blueberries. The combination of the delicate fish with the tangy and sweet flavors of the fruits creates a unique and refreshing dish.


Lokše is a traditional Slovak potato pancake that is commonly enjoyed in Humenné. It is made from grated potatoes mixed with flour and then cooked on a griddle until golden and crispy. Lokše can be served as a side dish or as a main course with various fillings, such as cabbage, sauerkraut, or cheese. The crispy texture of the pancake combined with the flavorful fillings makes Lokše a favorite food in the region.


Kapustnica is a hearty cabbage soup that is often prepared during festive occasions in Humenné. It is made with sauerkraut, various meats such as sausage, pork, and sometimes beef, and flavored with paprika, garlic, and other spices. The soup is simmered for hours to allow the flavors to meld together, resulting in a rich and comforting dish. Kapustnica is a beloved traditional food that warms the soul, especially during cold winter days.

Daily costs for solo travellers in Humenné


– Average cost of a meal at a modest restaurant: $8-$12
– Affordable fast food options: $4-$6
– Grabbing a quick snack from a local bakery or street vendor: $2-$4
– Cooking your meals at a budget-friendly accommodation: $20-$30 per week


– Budget hotel or hostel per night: $25-$40
– Mid-range hotel per night: $50-$80
– Renting an apartment for a week: $200-$300


– Local bus ticket: $0.70-$1
– Taxi within the city: $4-$7
– Bicycle rental per day: $10-$15

Safety for woman solo travellers in Humenné

Safe City Environment

Humenné is generally a safe city for woman solo travellers. It has a low crime rate, and violent incidents are rare. However, it is always advisable to take common safety precautions such as being aware of your surroundings and avoiding isolated areas at night.

Transportation Safety

Public transportation in Humenné is considered safe for solo female travellers. Buses and taxis are reliable and widely used by locals and tourists alike. It is recommended to use licensed taxis and agree on the fare before starting the journey.

Personal Safety

While walking around the city, it is advisable to use well-lit and populated streets and avoid walking alone late at night. Keep your belongings secure and be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas, especially in tourist spots.

Emergency Contacts

– Police: 112
– Ambulance: 112
– Fire Department: 112

It is essential to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses and provides 24/7 emergency assistance.