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Discover Mödling / Austria as Solo Traveller.

Mödling: A Haven for Solo Women Travelers

Welcome to Mödling

Welcome to Mödling, a charming town nestled in the heart of Austria’s Lower Austria region. Known for its picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and warm hospitality, Mödling offers a delightful escape for solo women travelers seeking adventure and tranquility.

Getting Around Mödling

Upon arrival at Vienna International Airport, solo women travelers can hop on a direct train to Mödling. The journey takes about 30 minutes and offers breathtaking views of the Austrian countryside. Within Mödling, the town’s pedestrian-friendly streets make it easy to explore its hidden gems on foot.

Safe and Welcoming Atmosphere

Mödling prides itself on being a safe and welcoming destination for solo women travelers. With low crime rates and a tight-knit community, visitors can feel at ease while enjoying the town’s attractions. The locals are friendly and are more than willing to assist travelers with recommendations or directions.

Exploring Mödling’s Highlights

1. Mödling Old Town

Step back in time as you wander through Mödling’s enchanting Old Town. The cobblestone streets are lined with traditional Austrian houses, quaint cafes, and charming boutiques. Solo women travelers can soak in the town’s rich history while enjoying a leisurely stroll, stopping to admire the impressive Gothic-style St. Othmar Church.

2. Mödling Castle

Perched on a hill overlooking the town, Mödling Castle is a must-visit destination. Explore the castle’s extensive grounds and gardens, offering stunning panoramic views of Mödling and the surrounding countryside. Solo women travelers can also delve into the castle’s history through guided tours and learn about the tales of its former residents.

3. Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

For an unforgettable adventure, head to the nearby village of Hinterbrühl and visit the Seegrotte. This underground lake, housed in a former gypsum mine, is a unique natural wonder. Solo women travelers can take a boat ride across the illuminated lake, marveling at the surreal blue waters and the surrounding rock formations.

4. Shopping and Dining

Mödling offers a range of shopping options, particularly along the pedestrianized Hauptplatz. Solo women travelers can browse through local boutiques, find unique souvenirs, or indulge in some retail therapy. After a day of exploration, Mödling’s diverse culinary scene awaits, with cozy cafes and traditional Austrian restaurants offering delicious delights.

Accommodation for Solo Women Travelers

Mödling offers a variety of accommodation options suitable for solo women travelers. From cozy guesthouses to budget-friendly hotels, there is something to fit every preference and budget. Safety and comfort are top priorities, and many establishments are known for their female-friendly amenities and helpful staff.

Connect with Like-Minded Travelers

For solo women travelers seeking to connect with others, Mödling offers several opportunities. Join local walking tours or cultural excursions to meet fellow explorers. Additionally, online travel communities and social media groups dedicated to solo women travelers are great resources to find companions for outings and share experiences.

Final Thoughts

Mödling is a hidden gem that caters to the adventurous spirit of solo women travelers. With its welcoming atmosphere, rich history, and breathtaking scenery, it promises a memorable and empowering experience. So pack your bags and indulge in Mödling’s embrace – an enchanting destination awaits, just for you.

Accommodation Options in Mödling


  • Hotel Austria: A centrally located hotel offering comfortable rooms and modern amenities.
  • Hotel Babenbergerhof: Located near the train station, this hotel provides cozy rooms and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Hotel Am Spiegeln: Situated in a peaceful area, this hotel offers well-appointed rooms and a charming garden.


  • Gasthof zum schwarzen Adler: A traditional guesthouse known for its warm hospitality and delicious regional cuisine.
  • Gasthof zur Post: This cozy guesthouse offers comfortable rooms and easy access to local attractions.


  • Hostel 123: An affordable and modern hostel located in the heart of Mödling, perfect for solo travelers.
  • Hostel Happy Days: This friendly hostel provides dormitory-style accommodation and a relaxed atmosphere.

Camping and Caravan Options

  • Campingplatz Mödling: A scenic camping site with facilities for tents and caravans, ideal for those looking for a nature-filled stay.
  • Caravan Park Mödling: A well-equipped caravan park offering facilities such as electricity, water, and waste disposal.

Must-See Places in Mödling

Mödling City Center

Explore the charming historic center of Mödling, filled with picturesque streets, beautiful architecture, and shops.

Mödling Castle

Visit Mödling Castle, a medieval fortress with a rich history and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Mödlinger Pfarrkirche St. Othmar

Admire the beauty of this impressive parish church known for its intricate Baroque interior.

Mödlinger Heide

Take a hike or a peaceful walk in Mödlinger Heide, a vast nature reserve with diverse flora and fauna.

Beethoven House

Discover the Beethoven House, where the composer Ludwig van Beethoven spent his summers and composed several works.


Visit Husarentempel, a unique and picturesque temple located on the slopes of Anninger Mountain.


Explore the fascinating Seegrotte, a former gypsum mine turned into Europe’s largest underground lake.

Burg Liechtenstein

Visit Burg Liechtenstein, a stunning castle perched on a hilltop offering breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Mödlinger Adventmarkt

Experience the magical atmosphere of Mödlinger Adventmarkt, a traditional Christmas market held during the holiday season.

Johann Strauss Museum

Learn about the life and works of the famous composer Johann Strauss at the Johann Strauss Museum in Mödling.

Favorite Foods to Eat in Mödling


Schnitzel is a popular dish in Mödling and throughout Austria. It consists of a thin, breaded and fried meat cutlet, typically made from veal or pork. The meat is tender and juicy, while the crispy breaded exterior adds a delightful crunch. Schnitzel is often served with a side of potato salad or fries, and it pairs perfectly with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It’s a must-try dish when visiting Mödling!


Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional Austrian dessert that is loved by locals and visitors alike. It is a fluffy pancake made from a sweet batter of eggs, flour, sugar, and milk. Once cooked, the pancake is torn or cut into small pieces and often sprinkled with powdered sugar. Kaiserschmarrn is typically served with fruit compote, such as apple or plum, and makes for a delicious and satisfying treat.


Tafelspitz is a classic Austrian dish that was a favorite of Emperor Franz Joseph I. It consists of boiled beef that is cooked with a flavorful broth and served with various accompaniments. The beef is tender and succulent, and it is traditionally enjoyed with horseradish sauce, apple horseradish, and a side of boiled potatoes and vegetables. Tafelspitz is a hearty and comforting dish, perfect for a satisfying meal in Mödling.


Apfelstrudel, or apple strudel, is a beloved dessert in Austria and a must-have when in Mödling. It is made from a delicate pastry dough rolled around a filling of sweetened and spiced apple slices, raisins, and breadcrumbs. The strudel is baked until golden and crisp, and it is often served warm with a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla sauce. Apfelstrudel offers a delightful blend of textures and flavors, making it a true treat for the taste buds.


Erdäpfelgulasch is a vegetarian variation of the classic Hungarian goulash, and it is a popular choice among locals in Mödling. Instead of meat, Erdäpfelgulasch consists of a hearty stew made with potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and a rich and flavorful paprika-infused sauce. This comforting dish is often served with a side of freshly baked bread or dumplings, allowing you to savor every delicious bite.

Daily Costs for Solo Travelers in Mödling


On average, you can expect to spend around €15-€25 per day on food in Mödling. This includes three meals at local restaurants or cafes. If you prefer cooking your own meals, buying groceries from supermarkets will cost around €30-€40 per week.


Accommodation options in Mödling range from budget hostels to mid-range hotels. The average cost for a solo traveler per night is approximately €40-€80, depending on the location and amenities. Alternatively, you can also consider renting an apartment or using platforms like Airbnb for more affordable options.


Getting around Mödling is relatively easy and affordable. The city has an efficient public transportation system consisting of buses and trains. A single ticket for a short journey typically costs around €2, while a day pass for unlimited travel within the city can be purchased for around €4-€6. Taxis are also available but can be expensive, so it’s recommended to use public transportation or walk whenever possible.

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Mödling

General Safety

Mödling is considered a safe city for women traveling alone. However, it is always important to remain cautious and take necessary precautions as you would in any destination. By following basic safety guidelines, such as being aware of your surroundings, avoiding poorly lit areas at night, and keeping your personal belongings secure, you can ensure a pleasant and safe experience in Mödling.

Harassment and Respect

Instances of harassment towards women in Mödling are rare, but it is always good to be prepared. Local authorities strongly enforce laws regarding harassment, and the majority of residents in Mödling are respectful towards solo female travelers. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to trust your instincts and take appropriate action if you encounter any uncomfortable situations. If needed, seek assistance from local authorities or contact emergency services.

Transportation Safety

Public transportation in Mödling is generally safe for women traveling alone. However, it’s recommended to avoid empty train compartments or buses during late night hours. Sit near other passengers and, if possible, choose well-lit areas. By being cautious and aware, you can ensure a secure journey within Mödling.

Remember, while these are general guidelines, it’s essential to do your own research and stay informed about the current situation before your trip.