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Solo travel to Rennes / France as Solo Traveller.

Rennes: A Must-Visit Destination for Woman Solo Travelers


Welcome to my travel blog! Today, I am excited to share with you all about my incredible journey to Rennes, a charming city located in the Brittany region of France. Rennes is not only a picturesque destination with its rich historical heritage and breathtaking landscapes, but also an ideal place for woman solo travelers to explore. Join me as I delve into the hidden gems and must-see attractions that make Rennes the perfect destination for an unforgettable solo adventure.

Getting Around

Getting around Rennes is incredibly easy, making it a fantastic city to navigate for female solo travelers. The city offers an excellent public transportation system, including buses and trams, which are safe, reliable, and budget-friendly. Additionally, Rennes is very pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained sidewalks and a compact city center, making it a joy to explore on foot.

Safe Accommodation Options

Rennes provides a range of safe and comfortable accommodation options catering to the needs of woman solo travelers. You can choose from female-only dorms in hostels or opt for boutique hotels located in the heart of the city. Not only do these accommodations ensure your safety, but they also provide the opportunity to meet fellow women travelers and engage in meaningful conversations.

Top Attractions in Rennes

1. Historic Center (Le Vieux Rennes)

Start your explorations in the heart of the city at the historic center, Le Vieux Rennes. Wander through its narrow streets, lined with beautifully preserved half-timbered houses that date back to the Middle Ages. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Place du Champ Jacquet, a bustling square filled with charming cafes and boutiques.

2. Parc du Thabor

Escape the bustling city and find serenity in Parc du Thabor. This magnificent green space boasts meticulously manicured gardens, a rose garden, and a picturesque pond. Take a leisurely stroll, find a quiet spot to relax, or enjoy a picnic amidst the lush surroundings. It’s the perfect place to unwind and soak up nature’s beauty.

3. Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts)

Art enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit the Fine Arts Museum. This museum houses an impressive collection of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts, spanning various periods. Explore the exhibition halls at your leisure and marvel at masterpieces by renowned artists such as Rubens, Monet, and Delacroix.

4. Saint-Pierre Cathedral

A visit to Rennes would not be complete without admiring the impressive Saint-Pierre Cathedral. This stunning Gothic masterpiece features intricate stained glass windows and remarkable architecture. Climb the towers for a breathtaking view of the city, and take a moment to embrace the peaceful ambiance of this spiritual sanctuary.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

No trip to Rennes is complete without savoring the delectable local cuisine the city has to offer. Make sure to try the famous “galette-saucisse,” a mouthwatering buckwheat pancake stuffed with savory sausage that is a staple street food in Rennes. Additionally, discover the vibrant food markets and indulge in the freshest local produce, including delicious cheeses, pastries, and seafood.

Safety Tips for Woman Solo Travelers

While Rennes is generally a safe destination, it’s important to take a few precautions as a woman traveling alone. Like any other city, it is advisable to remain vigilant, especially at night. Stick to well-lit streets and avoid isolated areas. Additionally, always let someone know your plans and whereabouts. By following these simple safety measures, you can fully enjoy your solo adventure with peace of mind.


Rennes offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that makes it an idyllic destination for woman solo travelers. With its convenient transportation, safe accommodation options, and a plethora of attractions to explore, this charming city is sure to leave you captivated and inspired. So, ladies, pack your bags, put on your explorer’s hat, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Rennes, where incredible experiences await!

Stay tuned for more exciting travel tales and destination recommendations coming soon!

Accommodation Options in Rennes


– Hotel Le Saint-Antoine: A charming hotel located in the city center, offering comfortable rooms and friendly service.
– Hotel Kyriad Rennes: A modern hotel with clean and spacious rooms, conveniently located near public transportation.
– Hotel Odalys Appart’City Rennes Beauregard: Offers fully furnished apartments with kitchenette, perfect for solo travelers seeking a more independent stay.


– Auberge de Jeunesse Rennes: A budget-friendly hostel with shared dormitory-style rooms, ideal for solo travelers looking to meet others.
– Le Coq-Gadby: A boutique hostel with private and shared rooms, providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Camping and Caravan Options

– Camping des Gayeulles: A campsite located in a peaceful natural setting, offering pitches for tents and caravans.
– Camping Municipal de Rennes: Situated near the city center, this campsite provides basic facilities for tents and caravans.

Must-See Places in Rennes

1. Parlement de Bretagne

The Parlement de Bretagne is a historic courthouse in Rennes, known for its architectural beauty. Visitors can admire the intricate carvings on its facade and learn about the region’s legal history.

2. Les Champs Libres

Les Champs Libres is a cultural center that houses the Museum of Brittany, the Brittany Library, and the Science Center. Explore the exhibits, attend art events, or browse through the extensive collection of books.

3. Thabor Gardens

These enchanting gardens offer a soothing oasis in the heart of the city. Stroll through the lush green pathways, admire the colorful flowerbeds, and relax by the serene ponds and fountains.

4. Rennes Cathedral

Also known as the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, it is a magnificent Gothic cathedral featuring stunning stained glass windows, intricate sculptures, and a tranquil atmosphere for reflection.

5. Les Halles Martenot

A vibrant market hall where you can find a wide range of fresh produce, local delicacies, and artisanal crafts. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and indulge in the flavors of Rennes.

6. Parc du Thabor

Adjacent to the Thabor Gardens, this park offers expansive lawns, picturesque flower beds, and botanical gardens filled with rare plant species. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic.

7. Place des Lices

A lively square that hosts a famous Saturday morning market, where locals gather to buy fresh produce, regional specialties, clothing, and more. Explore the bustling market atmosphere and enjoy the vibrant ambiance.

8. Musée de Bretagne

Located within Les Champs Libres, this museum showcases the rich history and culture of Brittany. From archaeological artifacts to contemporary art, the exhibits provide insights into the region’s heritage.

9. La Rue Saint-Michel

A picturesque street lined with colorful half-timbered houses, trendy boutiques, and cozy cafes. Wander along this charming cobblestone street and soak up Rennes’ old-world charm.

10. Place du Champ Jacquet

This square is renowned for its medieval half-timbered houses and quaint atmosphere. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, admire the unique architecture, and treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the nearby restaurants.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Rennes


Crêpes are a beloved traditional French dish and a must-try when visiting Rennes. These thin, delicate pancakes can be enjoyed with a variety of fillings and toppings. Whether you prefer a sweet crêpe with Nutella, fruits, or caramel sauce, or a savory crêpe with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, there are endless options to satisfy your taste buds.

Andouille de Guémené

Andouille de Guémené is a type of smoked sausage that originates from the town of Guémené-sur-Scorff in Brittany, near Rennes. Made from pork chitterlings and tripe, this sausage is known for its distinct smoky flavor and tender texture. It is often served grilled or pan-fried and can be enjoyed on its own or in dishes like casseroles or stews.

Galette Saucisse

Galette Saucisse is a popular street food in Rennes and a true local specialty. It consists of a grilled pork sausage wrapped in a savory buckwheat crêpe, known as a “galette.” The combination of the smoky sausage and the slightly nutty flavor of the galette creates a delicious and satisfying snack or meal while exploring the city.


Cider is a traditional beverage in Brittany and a perfect accompaniment to the local cuisine. Rennes offers a wide range of ciders, including dry, semi-sweet, and sweet varieties. Made from fermented apples or pears, cider provides a refreshing and fruity drink option to complement your meal or enjoy on its own.


Kouign-Amann is a delightful Breton pastry that originated in the town of Douarnenez, not far from Rennes. This buttery, flaky pastry is made with layers of yeasted dough, sugar, and lots of butter. The result is a caramelized, crunchy exterior with a soft, buttery interior. Kouign-Amann is a treat for pastry lovers and pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

Daily Costs for Solo Travellers in Rennes


– Breakfast: On average, breakfast at a local café or bakery can cost around €4-€6.
– Lunch: A meal at an inexpensive restaurant or a quick bite from a street vendor can be around €10-€12.
– Dinner: Enjoying a nice dinner at a mid-range restaurant may cost between €15-€20.
– Groceries: If you prefer cooking your own meals, expect to spend around €40-€50 per week on groceries.


– Hostels: Budget-friendly hostels in Rennes usually charge €20-€30 per night for a bed in a dormitory.
– Hotels: Depending on the location and amenities, mid-range hotels can cost approximately €60-€80 per night.
– Airbnb: Renting a private room through Airbnb can range from €30-€50 per night.


– Public Transportation: A single bus or metro ticket costs around €1.60. A day pass for unlimited travel within the city is approximately €4.50.
– Bicycles: Rennes provides a bike-sharing service called STAR, where you can rent a bike for €1.70 per day.
– Taxis/Uber: Taxis or Uber rides within the city center typically start at €4 and increase by about €1.50 per kilometer.

Safety for Women Solo Travellers in Rennes

General Safety:

Rennes is generally considered a safe city for women traveling alone. However, it is always crucial to remain cautious and take standard safety precautions.


Rennes has a well-established public transportation system that is generally safe to use, even at night. It is advisable to avoid empty or isolated bus stops and metro stations during late hours.

Personal Safety:

– Keep an eye on your belongings and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or public transportation.
– Stick to well-lit streets and busy areas at night.
– If you encounter any issues or feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to seek help or notify the authorities.

Emergency Numbers:

– Police Emergency: 17
– Ambulance/Fire: 18

Always trust your instincts and prioritize your safety while exploring Rennes as a solo woman traveler.