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Solo travel to Aqaba / Jordan as Solo Traveller.

Aqaba: A Blissful Haven for Adventurous Woman Solo Travelers

Welcome to my travel blog, fellow wanderers! Today, I am thrilled to share with you the wonders of Aqaba, a coastal gem nestled in the southernmost part of Jordan. Picture yourself immersing in vibrant underwater worlds, exploring ancient ruins, and indulging in mouthwatering cuisine. Aqaba offers all this and more, making it an ideal destination for fearless woman solo travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. So, join me as we embark on a voyage of discovery!

1. Exploring Aqaba’s Rich Maritime Heritage

Aqaba is a renowned location for diving enthusiasts, and solo travelers will find it especially thrilling. Dive into the azure waters of the Red Sea, teeming with stunning coral reefs and a wide array of colorful marine life. With plenty of professional diving centers, both beginners and experienced divers can find their perfect match and embark on an underwater adventure. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world-famous Japanese Garden, a mesmerizing underwater landscape that’s like no other.

2. Uncovering Ancient Wonders

For history buffs, Aqaba holds a treasure trove of archaeological wonders that will transport you back in time. Head to the incredible Aqaba Castle, an imposing fortress that dates back to the 14th century. As you explore its ancient rooms and walk along its sturdy walls, you’ll feel a sense of awe and marvel at the enduring legacy of this historic site.

Another must-visit destination is the Ayla Ancient City, which boasts a fascinating blend of Roman, Islamic, and Crusader architectural remains. Get lost in its labyrinthine streets, discover hidden passages, and envision life as it once was in this bustling ancient trading hub.

3. Indulging in a Culinary Adventure

Aqaba is not only a treat for the eyes but also for the taste buds. As a woman traveling solo, you’ll find immense pleasure in sampling the local delicacies without any compromise. The city offers numerous traditional restaurants where you can savor authentic Jordanian cuisine. Don’t miss out on trying Mansaf, a delectable dish of tender lamb, rice, and tangy yogurt sauce. Pair it with a cup of traditional Bedouin tea for the perfect culinary experience.

4. Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Luxury

After days filled with exploration, give yourself the chance to unwind and be pampered in one of Aqaba’s luxury resorts. Many of them offer world-class spa treatments that will rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. Whether you prefer a deep tissue massage, a refreshing facial, or a relaxing soak in a sea-view pool, these resorts provide the ideal setting for you to recharge and embrace the tranquility of your surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Aqaba is a hidden gem that embodies the spirit of adventure, history, and relaxation. As a woman traveling solo, you’ll be captivated by the warm embrace of its culture, the awe-inspiring beauty of its underwater world, and the echoes of its ancient past. So pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Aqaba. Safe travels!

Accommodation Options for Solo Female Travelers in Aqaba


  • Mövenpick Resort & Spa
  • InterContinental Aqaba
  • Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba
  • The Royal Yacht Club Hotel


  • Aqaba Adventure Divers Resort
  • Bedouin Garden Village & Camp


  • Rum Stars Camp
  • Wadi Rum Sky Tours & Camp

Must-See Places in Aqaba

Aqaba Fort

Located in the heart of Aqaba, the Aqaba Fort is a historic castle that offers panoramic views of the city and the Red Sea. It showcases archaeological artifacts and provides insight into the region’s rich history.

Aqaba Marine Park

Aqaba Marine Park is a protected area in the Red Sea with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can explore the underwater world, witnessing colorful fish and beautiful coral formations.

Aqaba Aquarium

The Aqaba Aquarium is home to various species of marine life found in the Red Sea. It offers a unique opportunity to observe and learn about the underwater ecosystem without getting wet. The aquarium features interactive exhibits and educational programs.

South Beach

South Beach, located south of Aqaba, is a popular spot for sunbathing and relaxation. Its clear turquoise waters and soft sandy beach create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the sun.

Al-Hisn Castle

Al-Hisn Castle, also known as Ayla Castle, is an ancient castle situated near Aqaba’s marina. The castle dates back to the Islamic era and provides a glimpse into the region’s architectural and historical heritage.

Aqaba Heritage Museum

The Aqaba Heritage Museum showcases the cultural and historical heritage of Aqaba and its surrounding region. It displays traditional costumes, artifacts, and information about the area’s Bedouin culture and history.

Ayla Oasis

Ayla Oasis is a modern, waterfront development in Aqaba that offers various amenities, including restaurants, cafes, shops, and a marina. Visitors can stroll along the boardwalk, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and stunning views.

Wadi Rum Desert

Located approximately one hour from Aqaba, Wadi Rum is a mesmerizing desert landscape known for its vast sand dunes, towering cliffs, and unique rock formations. Visitors can explore the area on guided jeep tours, camel rides, or overnight camping experiences.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Aqaba


Biryani is a popular rice dish that is loved by locals and tourists in Aqaba. It is made using fragrant basmati rice cooked with flavorful spices such as cumin, cardamom, and saffron. The rice is layered with marinated meat, such as chicken, beef, or lamb, and slow-cooked to perfection. Biryani is often garnished with fried onions, raisins, and cashews, giving it a delightful crunch and sweet-savory flavor. It’s a must-try dish when visiting Aqaba.


Falafel is a delicious vegetarian food that is widely enjoyed in Aqaba and throughout the Middle East. It is made from ground chickpeas or fava beans mixed with various spices like cumin, coriander, and garlic. The mixture is then shaped into small patties and deep-fried until crispy. Falafel is often served in pita bread with tahini sauce, fresh vegetables, and pickles. It offers a perfect blend of crunchy texture and flavorful taste, making it a popular street food in Aqaba.

Grilled Seafood

Aqaba is known for its fresh and succulent seafood, thanks to its location on the Red Sea coast. Grilled seafood dishes, such as grilled fish, shrimps, and squid, are a true highlight for seafood lovers. The seafood is marinated with a blend of spices, olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs before being grilled to perfection. The smoky and charred flavors combined with the natural sweetness of the seafood create a delightful culinary experience that should not be missed in Aqaba.

Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a traditional Egyptian dessert that can often be found in Aqaba. It is a delightful and comforting dessert made from layers of flaky pastry, mixed with nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, and soaked in sweetened milk or cream. The whole mixture is baked until golden and served warm, often topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a drizzle of rosewater syrup. Umm Ali is a heavenly dessert that will leave you craving for more.

Daily Costs in Aqaba for Solo Travelers


– Average cost of a meal at a budget restaurant: $5-$10
– Average cost of a meal at a mid-range restaurant: $12-$20
– Street food and local snacks: $1-$5
– Groceries for self-catering: $20-$40 per week


– Budget hostel dormitory: $10-$20 per night
– Mid-range hotel: $50-$100 per night
– Luxury hotel or resort: $150-$300 per night


– Local bus fares: $0.50-$1.50 per ride
– Taxis within the city: $2-$5 per trip
– Rental car (per day): $30-$50

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Aqaba

Security Measures

– Aqaba generally has a low crime rate, with tourists being safe to explore its attractions.
– However, it is always advisable to take standard safety precautions, such as avoiding walking alone late at night in dimly lit areas and staying in well-populated areas.
– Stay aware of your surroundings, and keep your belongings secure.

Dress Code and Cultural Etiquette

– Aqaba is a fairly liberal city, but it is respectful to dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites.
– Women are not required to cover their heads, but it is recommended to dress modestly and avoid revealing clothing.

Interaction with Locals

– Jordanians are generally friendly and welcoming towards tourists, including women traveling alone.
– It is advisable to maintain appropriate boundaries when interacting with locals, as with any destination.

It’s important to note that solo travel safety can vary based on individual circumstances, and it is always recommended to stay informed, research further, and follow official travel advice before visiting Aqaba or any destination.