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Exploring the beauty of Mexico City / Mexico as Solo Traveller.

Mexico City: The Ultimate Guide for Solo Woman Travelers


Welcome to Mexico City, the vibrant and enchanting capital of Mexico! As a solo woman traveler, exploring this bustling metropolis can be both exciting and daunting. But fear not, because I am here to guide you through the streets of this captivating city, sharing insider tips and highlighting the best attractions tailored to your interests and safety concerns.

Getting Around

Public Transportation

When you first arrive in Mexico City, the metro system will become your new best friend. It’s not only affordable but also an efficient way to navigate the sprawling city. Be sure to use the women-only carriages during rush hours for added comfort and security. Additionally, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are widely available and considered safe alternatives, especially for nighttime travel.

Exploring on Foot

Don’t hesitate to explore the city by foot during the day. Mexico City is packed with amazing architecture, beautiful parks, and vibrant street art that can only truly be appreciated on foot. Make sure to stick to well-populated areas and be vigilant while walking alone at night.

Where to Stay

Roma and Condesa: Trendy and Safe Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a hip and safe neighborhood to base yourself in during your stay, Roma and Condesa are perfect choices. These areas offer a wide range of accommodation options, from boutique hotels to cozy Airbnb rentals. Filled with trendy cafes, art galleries, and parks, both neighborhoods are also well-connected and have a thriving nightlife.

Coyoacan: Cultural Hub with a Bohemian Vibe

For a more bohemian experience, consider staying in Coyoacan. This charming neighborhood, famous as Frida Kahlo’s hometown, boasts colorful colonial houses, cobblestone streets, and an abundance of artist studios. The peaceful atmosphere coupled with its rich cultural heritage makes Coyoacan an ideal spot for solo female travelers looking to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

Must-Visit Attractions

Chapultepec Park: Green Oasis in the Heart of the City

Make sure to set aside a day to explore Chapultepec Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world. Within the park, you’ll find various attractions including museums, a zoo, and the beautiful Chapultepec Castle with stunning panoramic views of the city. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or rent a bike to fully embrace the tranquility of this green oasis.

Xochimilco: Floating Gardens and Colorful Trajineras

No visit to Mexico City is complete without a trip to Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its ancient network of canals and floating gardens. Hop aboard a colorful trajinera (decorated wooden boat) and cruise along the canals while enjoying live mariachi music, delicious street food, and traditional Mexican drinks. This lively experience will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Historical Center: A Journey Through Mexico’s Past

Explore the heart of Mexico City by visiting the Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral and Palacio de Bellas Artes. Take a stroll along Madero Street, lined with vibrant shops and restaurants, and don’t forget to visit the Templo Mayor ruins to delve into the city’s ancient Aztec history.

Stay Safe and Be Mindful

Respecting Local Customs

As a solo woman traveler in Mexico City, it’s important to respect local customs and dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or local neighborhoods. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid displaying expensive jewelry or accessories that may attract unwanted attention.

Secure Your Belongings

Mexico City, like any other big city, has its share of petty crime. Stay vigilant and secure your belongings at all times. Invest in a quality anti-theft backpack or bag and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Keep your valuables in a hotel safe and use reliable transportation options to minimize the risk of theft.

In Conclusion

Mexico City is a melting pot of rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, making it an ideal destination for solo woman travelers. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and unforgettable experience in this captivating city. Embrace the spirit of adventure, indulge in mouthwatering street food, and immerse yourself in the fascinating stories Mexico City has to offer!

Accommodation Options for Solo Female Travelers in Mexico City

1. Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral

Located in the historic center of Mexico City, this hostel offers both private and shared rooms. It has a friendly and safe environment, perfect for solo female travelers.

2. Casa San Ildefonso

A boutique hotel situated in the trendy neighborhood of Roma Norte. It provides comfortable and stylish rooms with a cozy atmosphere, ideal for solo female travelers.

3. Hotel Marlowe

A budget-friendly hotel in the Polanco neighborhood, known for its upscale shops and restaurants. It offers a range of room options and is situated in a safe area.

4. Airbnb

Consider booking an Airbnb in Mexico City, where you can find various apartments and rooms available for short-term stays. Ensure to choose a well-reviewed and centrally located option for convenience and safety.

5. Camping or Caravan Options

Mexico City does not have many camping or caravan sites within the city limits. However, there are some options in the surrounding areas, such as Desierto de los Leones National Park or Magico Valle del Bravo.

Must-See Places in Mexico City

1. Historic Center (Centro Histórico)

Explore the heart of the city, where you’ll find historic sites like the Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, and the National Palace.

2. Frida Kahlo Museum (Museo Frida Kahlo)

Visit the Blue House, the former residence of artist Frida Kahlo. Discover her artworks and personal belongings that offer a glimpse into her life.

3. Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec)

Experience Mexico City’s largest urban park, home to various attractions like Chapultepec Castle, the National Museum of Anthropology, and the stunning Botanical Garden.

4. Xochimilco

Take a colorful trajinera boat ride through the Xochimilco canals, known for their floating gardens (chinampas) and lively mariachi bands.

5. Teotihuacan

Visit the ancient city of Teotihuacan, located just outside of Mexico City. Explore its remarkable pyramids, such as the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

6. Coyoacan

Enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of Coyoacan, a charming neighborhood known for its cobblestone streets, art galleries, and the vibrant Frida Kahlo Market.

7. Museo Nacional de Antropología

Discover Mexico’s rich history and culture at the National Museum of Anthropology, which houses an extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits.

8. Zocalo

Visit the main square of Mexico City, the Zocalo, surrounded by notable buildings like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace.

9. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Explore the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a stunning architectural masterpiece that hosts various cultural events and showcases the works of renowned Mexican artists.

10. Roma and Condesa Neighborhoods

Stroll through the trendy neighborhoods of Roma and Condesa, known for their beautiful architecture, hip cafes, and vibrant nightlife.

Favorite Foods to Eat in Mexico City

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor are a must-try when visiting Mexico City. These delicious tacos are made with pork marinated in a blend of spices and then slow-cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The meat is thinly sliced and served on a warm corn tortilla. Topped with pineapple, cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of lime, the flavors are a perfect combination of savory and sweet.

Mole Poblano

Mole Poblano is a traditional Mexican dish that originated in the city of Puebla but is widely enjoyed in Mexico City as well. It is a rich and complex sauce made with a variety of ingredients such as chocolate, chili peppers, nuts, spices, and more. It is typically served over chicken or turkey, creating a unique blend of flavors that is both sweet and spicy.

Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en Nogada is a festive and colorful dish that is traditionally enjoyed during Mexican Independence Day celebrations. It consists of roasted poblano peppers filled with a mixture of ground meat, dried fruits, and spices. The peppers are then topped with a creamy walnut sauce (nogada) and garnished with pomegranate seeds and parsley. The combination of flavors and textures makes it a special and delicious dish.


Tamales are a staple in Mexican cuisine, and Mexico City offers a wide variety of flavors and fillings to choose from. These are made from masa (corn dough), which is filled with various ingredients such as meats, cheese, vegetables, or even sweet fillings like chocolate or fruit. The mixture is wrapped in a corn husk and steamed until cooked. They are served hot and make for a satisfying and flavorful meal.


Pozole is a hearty and comforting Mexican soup that is particularly popular in Mexico City. It is made with hominy (dried corn kernels), meat (usually pork), and a flavorful broth. The soup is garnished with shredded cabbage, radishes, onions, and lime. It can be enjoyed in red, green, or white varieties, each offering a unique and delicious taste. Pozole is often enjoyed on special occasions or as a weekend treat.


Tlacoyos are a type of stuffed tortilla that is a favorite street food in Mexico City. They are oval-shaped and made from masa dough, which is stuffed with various fillings such as beans, cheese, or pork cracklings. Tlacoyos are grilled until slightly crispy and then topped with salsa, cheese, and sometimes nopales (cactus pads). The combination of flavors and textures makes it an incredibly satisfying snack or light meal.

Daily Costs for Solo Travelers in Mexico City

1. Food Costs

In Mexico City, you can find a wide range of dining options to suit various budgets. Here are approximate daily costs for food:

– Budget-Friendly: $10-15 USD per day
– Street food and local eateries offer delicious and affordable options.
– Mid-Range: $20-30 USD per day
– Cafes, casual restaurants, and some upscale options fall within this range.
– Fine Dining: $40+ USD per day
– Upscale restaurants and international cuisine can be enjoyed at a higher cost.

2. Accommodation Costs

Mexico City offers a variety of accommodation options for solo travelers. Here are approximate daily costs:

– Budget-Friendly: $15-30 USD per night
– Hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels provide affordable stays.
– Mid-Range: $40-70 USD per night
– Comfortable hotels and vacation rentals are available in this price range.
– Luxury: $80+ USD per night
– Upscale hotels with high-class amenities and services exceed this price point.

3. Transportation Costs

Getting around Mexico City can be cost-effective with various transportation options:

– Public Transportation: $1-2 USD per day
– The subway system, buses, and shared bikes offer affordable ways to navigate the city.
– Taxi/Uber: $5-10 USD per ride
– Taxis and ride-sharing services are available, but make sure to use authorized providers.
– Walking and Cycling: Free
– Many attractions are within walking distance, and cycling is possible using bike-sharing systems.

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Mexico City

1. Research and Plan

Before your trip, research and gather information about safe areas, reliable transportation, and recommended accommodations. Plan your itinerary accordingly.

2. Stay in Safe Areas

Choose reputable neighborhoods like Polanco, Condesa, or Roma for accommodation. These areas are known to be safer for tourists, and they offer a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of amenities.

3. Be Cautious of Your Surroundings

Keep an eye on your belongings, particularly in crowded places or public transportation. Avoid displaying expensive items and be cautious of your surroundings to deter potential theft.

4. Use Authorized Transportation

Only use authorized taxi services or ride-sharing apps like Uber for transportation to ensure your safety.

5. Avoid Walking Alone at Night

It is advisable to avoid walking alone at night, especially in dimly lit or isolated areas. Opt for recognized transportation instead.

6. Share Your Itinerary

Inform a friend or family member about your travel plans and regularly update them on your whereabouts. This can be useful in case of emergencies.

Remember, while Mexico City has its safety concerns, many women solo travelers have explored the city without any issues by taking necessary precautions.