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Exploring the beauty of Minneapolis / Minnesota as Solo Traveller.

Minneapolis: A Vibrant Destination for Solo Female Travelers

Welcome to my travel blog! Today, I’m excited to share my experiences in Minneapolis, a city that truly stole my heart. If you’re a solo female traveler seeking a delightful and safe adventure, Minneapolis is the ultimate destination for you. Let’s dive into this vibrant city and explore all its hidden gems together!

1. Stay: Cozy Accommodations

When it comes to finding a comfortable and secure accommodation in Minneapolis, there’s a wide range of options available, catering specifically to solo female travelers. Whether you prefer the upscale luxury of boutique hotels or the affordable charm of cozy guesthouses, this city has it all. Look for centrally located accommodations in neighborhoods like Downtown, Uptown, or Northeast Minneapolis, which offer convenient access to attractions, dining, and shopping.

Bonus Tip: Female-Friendly Hotels

If you’re looking for accommodation with an extra focus on women’s safety and comfort, consider staying at hotels like “The Woman’s Place” or “Empowerment Inn.” These establishments offer exclusive amenities and services designed to cater specifically to solo female travelers, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable stay.

2. Explore: Must-Visit Attractions

Minneapolis boasts a plethora of attractions that cater to various interests. Here are some must-visit places you shouldn’t miss:

Magnificent Mill City Museum

Discover the rich history of Minneapolis’s flour milling industry at the Mill City Museum. Take a guided tour to learn interesting stories about the city’s past and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mississippi River from the observation deck.

Breathtaking Scenery at Minnehaha Park

Immerse yourself in nature at Minnehaha Park, home to a stunning 53-foot waterfall and scenic walking trails. Pack a picnic, stroll through the park’s gardens, and be sure to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot with the waterfall as your backdrop.

The Artful Beauty of Minneapolis Institute of Art

Calling all art enthusiasts! The Minneapolis Institute of Art is a paradise for culture lovers. With a diverse collection spanning over 90,000 artworks, this museum offers a fascinating journey through different eras and cultures. Admission is free, making it an ideal spot for solo travelers on a budget.

3. Indulge: Delicious Food Scene

Minneapolis is a food lover’s paradise, boasting a vibrant culinary scene that caters to all tastes and budgets. As a solo female traveler, you’ll find plenty of friendly and welcoming spots to enjoy a delicious meal. Here are a couple of recommended eateries:

Midtown Global Market

For food-lovers seeking variety, head to Midtown Global Market. Located in a renovated historic building, this market offers an array of international cuisines, including Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, and more. Grab some street-style tacos or indulge in a flavorful curry while immersing yourself in the market’s lively atmosphere.

Nicollet Avenue for Trendy Cafes

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! Stroll along Nicollet Avenue to discover trendy cafes serving top-notch brews. Relax in cozy nooks, sip on a carefully crafted latte, and enjoy the friendly ambiance. Don’t forget to try a slice of the famous Minneapolis almond cake at one of the local bakeries.

4. Safety Tips: Exploring Minneapolis with Confidence

As a woman traveling solo in any city, it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are some tips to help you explore Minneapolis with confidence:

Trust Your Instincts

You know yourself best, so trust your gut feelings. If a situation or location doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to make a change of plans.

Stay Connected

Always let someone back home or at your accommodation know your itinerary for the day. Regularly check in and share updates on your whereabouts.

Blend In

While exploring Minneapolis, try to immerse yourself in the local culture. Dress like a local to avoid unnecessary attention, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Use Reliable Transportation

Minneapolis offers excellent public transportation options like light rail and buses. Utilize these reliable modes of transport to navigate the city and avoid walking alone late at night.

Minneapolis is a city brimming with warmth, friendliness, and a vibrant atmosphere that’s captivating for solo female travelers. By following these tips and embracing all that this city has to offer, your solo adventure will undoubtedly be filled with unforgettable memories and new discoveries. Enjoy your time in Minneapolis, and safe travels!

Possible Accommodation Options for Woman Solo Travellers in Minneapolis

1. The Westin Minneapolis

Located in downtown Minneapolis, this upscale hotel offers comfortable rooms and a range of amenities, including a fitness center and on-site dining options.

2. The Marquette Hotel

Situated in the heart of downtown, this contemporary hotel features stylish rooms, a fitness center, and a rooftop bar with panoramic city views.

3. Moxy Minneapolis Uptown

A trendy boutique hotel located in the vibrant Uptown neighborhood, offering compact yet modern rooms, a communal lounge, and a lively atmosphere.

4. Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis

Nestled in the historic art district, this luxury hotel showcases an extensive contemporary art collection, spacious rooms, and a rooftop terrace.

5. Minneapolis Marriott City Center

Centrally located, this Marriott hotel boasts comfortable rooms, a fitness center, and a convenient skyway connection to various downtown attractions.

Camping and Caravan Options in Minneapolis

1. Baker Campground

Located within the picturesque Baker Park Reserve, this campground offers tent and RV sites amidst nature, along with hiking trails and nearby lakes for water activities.

2. Lake Elmo Park Reserve – Campground

Situated just outside Minneapolis, this scenic campground features various camping options, including tent sites and RV hookups, along with access to hiking and biking trails.

3. Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Offering a tranquil setting with wooded campsites, Lebanon Hills provides a peaceful getaway near the city, complete with biking trails and a beautiful lake for fishing or kayaking.

Must-See Places in Minneapolis

1. Walker Art Center

Explore contemporary art exhibits and sculptures at this renowned museum, which also hosts film screenings, performances, and a sculpture garden.

2. Minneapolis Institute of Art

Discover a vast collection of artworks spanning different periods and cultures at this free-admission museum, featuring pieces by renowned artists such as Van Gogh and Monet.

3. Mill City Museum

Learn about Minneapolis’ flour milling history through interactive exhibits, tours, and a view of the iconic Stone Arch Bridge and Mississippi River.

4. Minnehaha Regional Park

Experience the beauty of Minnehaha Falls, stroll through lush gardens, and enjoy scenic walking trails within this urban park, perfect for picnics and outdoor activities.

5. Stone Arch Bridge

Admire the picturesque Stone Arch Bridge, a historic landmark spanning the Mississippi River, offering stunning views of the Minneapolis skyline and riverfront.

6. Chain of Lakes

Visit the interconnected lakes of Calhoun, Cedar, Harriet, and Lake of the Isles, where you can enjoy water activities, biking paths, and scenic walking trails.

7. Guthrie Theater

Catch a performance or take a guided tour of this renowned theater, known for its contemporary architecture, stunning views of the city, and high-quality productions.

8. Uptown Art Fair

If you happen to visit Minneapolis in August, don’t miss the Uptown Art Fair, one of the city’s largest outdoor art festivals, featuring works from local and international artists.

Favorite Foods to Eat in Minneapolis

1. Juicy Lucy Burger

The Juicy Lucy burger is a must-try when in Minneapolis. It is a cheeseburger with a twist, as the cheese is stuffed inside the patty. With every bite, you get a burst of melty cheese oozing out. The two most famous spots to try this iconic burger are Matt’s Bar and The 5-8 Club.

2. Tater Tot Hotdish

Tater Tot Hotdish is a classic comfort food in Minnesota. It consists of layers of ground beef, creamy mushroom soup, and vegetables topped with crispy tater tots. It’s warm, hearty, and perfect for cold winter days. Many local diners and cafes in Minneapolis serve this comforting dish.

3. Wild Rice Soup

Wild rice is a staple in Minnesota, and the Wild Rice Soup is a delicious way to enjoy it. This creamy soup is often made with chicken or ham, along with vegetables and, of course, wild rice. It’s a filling and flavorful dish that showcases the state’s indigenous ingredient. Visit The Bachelor Farmer or The Local for a bowl of this comforting soup.

4. Scandinavian Pastries

Minneapolis has a strong Scandinavian heritage and is known for its delectable pastries. From the traditional cardamom-flavored kringles to the flaky and buttery Swedish cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar), you’ll find a wide range of Scandinavian treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Visit the iconic Danish bakery, the Scandinavian Bakery, to indulge in these delicious pastries.

5. Sushi at Origami

If you’re a fan of sushi, you won’t be disappointed by the offerings at Origami in Minneapolis. This popular sushi restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh and expertly crafted sushi rolls. From traditional options to inventive fusion creations, the sushi at Origami is a treat for your taste buds. Don’t miss their specialty rolls like the Minnesota Roll or the Dragon Roll.

Daily Costs for Solo Travelers in Minneapolis

1. Food

– Budget option: $15-25 per day
– Mid-range option: $25-50 per day
– High-end option: $50+ per day

2. Accommodation

– Budget option: $50-100 per night for a hostel or budget hotel
– Mid-range option: $100-150 per night for a mid-range hotel
– High-end option: $150+ per night for luxury accommodation

3. Transportation

– Public transportation (bus, light rail): $2.50 per ride
– Daily unlimited public transportation pass: $6-10
– Ride-sharing services (Uber, Lyft): $10-20 for short trips within the city
– Rental car: $50-100 per day (depending on the type of vehicle)

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Minneapolis

Overall Safety

Minneapolis, in general, is considered a safe city for women solo travelers. However, it is always important to stay cautious and aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas and at night.

Safe Areas

– Downtown Minneapolis: The downtown area is well-monitored and populated, providing a generally secure environment.
– Uptown: This trendy neighborhood is popular among locals and tourists alike and is known for its safety.

Precautions to Take

– Avoid walking alone late at night, especially in less crowded areas.
– Use well-lit and populated streets.
– Take advantage of public transportation or ride-sharing services when traveling alone.
– Trust your instincts and avoid any situations or individuals that make you feel uncomfortable.

Remember, it is always essential to research and stay updated on the current safety situation in any city you plan to visit as circumstances can change over time.