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Solo travel to Ashland / Oregon as Solo Traveller.

Ashland: A Haven for Woman Solo Travelers

Discover Ashland’s Charm and Adventure

Greetings, fellow wanderers! Are you a woman who craves solo adventures in new and exciting destinations? Look no further than Ashland, a charming city nestled in the heart of Oregon. Known for its vibrant arts scene, breathtaking natural landscapes, and warm community spirit, Ashland caters to travelers seeking both relaxation and exploration. Let’s dive into the wonders that await you in this enchanting city.

Embrace Culture and the Arts

Shakespearean Delights at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Ashland is renowned for its world-class Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Immerse yourself in the captivating performances of classic plays, contemporary interpretations, and groundbreaking works at this iconic theater event. As a woman traveling alone, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with fellow theater-goers, as you’ll find yourself among a friendly and eclectic crowd.

Artistic Inspiration at the Schneider Museum of Art

Delight your senses with a visit to the Schneider Museum of Art, where contemporary works by local and international artists take center stage. Admire thought-provoking exhibitions and engage with fellow art enthusiasts in this inclusive space. And remember, art has no boundaries, just like your solo adventures!

Exploring Nature’s Playground

Rogue River: A Haven for Water Enthusiasts

For the adventurous soul in you, embark on a thrilling river rafting expedition along the majestic Rogue River. With experienced guides and fellow adventure-seeking travelers, you’ll navigate rapids, soak in tranquil stretches, and create unforgettable memories. You’ll quickly find that this exhilarating experience can empower and renew your spirit, even as a solo traveler.

Mount Ashland: Conquer New Heights

Lace up your boots and set out on a hiking expedition in the nearby Siskiyou Mountains. The picturesque trails of Mount Ashland offer breathtaking panoramas, abundant wildlife, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Don’t worry if you’re hiking solo; the hiking community here is supportive, and you’ll meet fellow trekkers along the way who share a passion for the great outdoors.

Indulge in Ashland’s Culinary Delights

Farm-to-Table Dining at Its Finest

Ashland takes pride in its vibrant farm-to-table dining scene, where locally sourced and organic ingredients shine. Savor the flavors of the region at renowned restaurants such as Smithfields and Larks, where delectable creations are crafted with love. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from friendly locals, who are always eager to share their favorite dining spots.

Imbibe and Unwind at Ashland’s Wineries

No travel experience is complete without indulging in the local libations. Embark on a wine tasting journey at one of Ashland’s charming wineries, such as Irvine & Roberts Vineyards or Weisinger Family Winery. Engage in conversations with winemakers who are passionate about their craft, and relish the opportunity to sample award-winning wines in a picturesque setting.

Your Safety is Paramount

Staying Safe and Connected

As a solo woman traveler, safety is of utmost importance. Ashland is known for its welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere, making it a great destination for traveling alone. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to remain vigilant and take standard precautions. Stay connected with friends and family back home, share your itinerary, and trust your instincts at all times. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment of your Ashland adventure without any worries.

Where Woman Solo Travelers Find Comfort

Finding suitable accommodations as a woman traveling alone can make a significant difference in your overall experience. Ashland offers a range of welcoming options, including quaint bed and breakfasts like Winchester Inn or chic boutique hotels like Ashland Springs Hotel. Whatever your preferences may be, these establishments prioritize your comfort and provide a safe haven for your solo journey.

Ashland: Your Next Solo Travel Destination Awaits

Embrace Serenity and Adventure

Ashland beckons solo women travelers with its unique blend of cultural experiences, natural wonders, and inviting community. By tapping into the city’s artistic soul, exploring the wilderness, savoring local cuisine, and prioritizing your safety, you’ll find Ashland to be an idyllic destination for your solo journey. So, pack your bags, fuel your wanderlust, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Ashland – a city that embraces and empowers the spirit of every woman traveler.

Accommodation Options in Ashland for Women Solo Travelers


– Plaza Inn & Suites: A comfortable hotel located in the heart of Ashland, offering modern amenities and a convenient location near the main attractions.
– Lithia Springs Resort: A charming boutique hotel known for its tranquil atmosphere and natural hot springs, perfect for a relaxing stay.
– Peerless Hotel: A historic hotel with elegant rooms and a cozy atmosphere, located within walking distance of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Bed and Breakfasts:

– McCall House: A Victorian-style bed and breakfast, known for its friendly service and charming rooms. Ideal for a cozy and personalized stay.
– Country Willows Inn: Set in a picturesque countryside, this bed and breakfast offers comfortable accommodations with scenic views and a peaceful environment.
– A Midsummer’s Dream Bed and Breakfast: An inviting B&B located within a short distance from downtown Ashland, featuring comfortable rooms and a hearty breakfast.

Camping and Caravan Options:

– Emigrant Lake campground: A scenic campground located by the lake, offering tent and RV sites with amenities such as showers, picnic tables, and fire rings.
– Glenyan RV Park & Campground: A family-friendly campground with both tent and RV sites, featuring beautiful surroundings, a pool, and easy access to hiking trails.

Must-See Places in Ashland

Oregon Shakespeare Festival:

Experience world-class theater productions at the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival, featuring a diverse range of plays by Shakespeare and other playwrights.

Lithia Park:

Explore the enchanting Lithia Park, known for its beautiful gardens, hiking trails, and picnic spots. Marvel at the stunning scenery and relax in nature’s embrace.

Ashland Art Center:

Visit the Ashland Art Center, a vibrant hub for local artists, where you can browse and purchase unique artwork, attend art classes, and participate in community events.

Mount Ashland:

Get your dose of outdoor adventure at Mount Ashland, a popular destination for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Southern Oregon University:

Take a leisurely stroll through the Southern Oregon University campus, admiring the beautiful architecture, attending a performance at the Oregon Center for the Arts, or exploring the Schneider Museum of Art.

Oregon Vortex:

Experience the fascinating Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery, a natural phenomenon where gravity seems to behave strangely. Take a guided tour to witness mysterious optical illusions and gravitational anomalies.

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum:

Engage your mind and curiosity at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, where interactive exhibits and educational programs entertain visitors of all ages. Explore science, technology, and nature through hands-on activities.

North Mountain Park:

Enjoy the outdoors at North Mountain Park, offering walking trails, a nature center, and a beautiful demonstration garden. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and natural beauty of this urban park.


Please note that this information is provided without addresses, websites, or phone numbers. It’s always advisable to research and contact the specific accommodations and attractions for further details and booking information.)

Favorite Foods to Eat at Ashland

Pizza at Pie and Vine

When in Ashland, one must indulge in the delicious pizza offered at Pie and Vine. This local pizzeria is known for serving up mouthwatering pizzas with a variety of toppings. The crust is perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, while the sauce and cheese combination creates a heavenly flavor. Whether you opt for classic toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms or experiment with unique combinations, Pie and Vine’s pizza will surely satisfy your cravings.

Gourmet Burgers at Smithfields Restaurant and Bar

For burger lovers, Smithfields Restaurant and Bar is the place to go in Ashland. They offer an array of gourmet burgers made with high-quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations. From juicy Angus beef burgers to veggie or turkey options, Smithfields has something to cater to everyone’s taste. The burgers are perfectly grilled to your preferences and served with a side of crispy fries or a fresh salad. With their generous portion sizes and incredible flavors, the gourmet burgers at Smithfields are sure to leave you wanting more.

Fresh Seafood at Ashland Street Fish Market

If you’re a fan of seafood, a visit to Ashland Street Fish Market is a must. This seafood market and restaurant sources the freshest catch of the day and offers a wide selection of delicious seafood dishes. From succulent crab legs and grilled fish to shrimp scampi and seafood chowder, the menu at Ashland Street Fish Market has something for everyone. The dishes are expertly prepared, bursting with flavors, and showcase the incredible taste of seafood at its best.

Authentic Thai Cuisine at Thai Pepper

For those craving flavorful and aromatic Thai food, Thai Pepper is the go-to restaurant in Ashland. They serve authentic Thai cuisine made with traditional recipes and using the finest ingredients. From Pad Thai and Green Curry to Tom Yum Soup and Mango Sticky Rice, Thai Pepper offers a diverse menu that will transport your taste buds to Thailand. Each dish is expertly spiced, balanced, and beautifully presented, making it a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Delectable Pastries at Mix Bakery

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Mix Bakery in Ashland. This charming bakery specializes in creating delectable pastries that are made from scratch with love and attention to detail. Indulge in flaky croissants, buttery scones, rich chocolate éclairs, or beautifully decorated cakes. Mix Bakery offers a delightful range of sweet treats that make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea. Each bite is a heavenly experience that will leave you craving for more.

Daily Costs for Solo Travelers in Ashland


– Budget meal at a fast-food restaurant: $5-$8
– Mid-range restaurant for one: $12-$20
– High-end dining experience: $25 and above


– Budget hostel or guesthouse: $20-$50 per night
– Mid-range hotel or Airbnb: $60-$150 per night
– Luxury hotel or vacation rental: $200 and above per night


– Local bus fare: $1.50-$2.50 per ride
– Rental car (daily rate): $35-$75
– Taxi or rideshare: Varies based on distance

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Ashland


Ashland is generally a safe city for women traveling alone. It has a low crime rate and a welcoming community. However, it is always important to take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety.

Tips for Safety

– Stick to well-lit and busy areas, especially at night.
– Avoid walking alone in secluded or unfamiliar areas.
– Trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.
– Keep valuable belongings secure and out of sight.
– Use reputable transportation services and avoid getting into unmarked vehicles.
– If approached by strangers, maintain a confident and assertive demeanor.
– Stay connected with friends or family members, letting them know your whereabouts.
– Research and familiarize yourself with local emergency contact numbers.

Additional Resources

It is advisable to consult reliable travel resources and websites for up-to-date safety information specific to Ashland.