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Exploring the beauty of Škofja Loka / Slovenia as Solo Traveller.

Exploring Škofja Loka: A Solo Woman Traveler’s Guide

Welcome to Škofja Loka!

Greetings fellow adventurers! As a solo woman traveler, I understand the thrill and excitement that comes with exploring new destinations on your own. If you’re seeking a charming, picturesque town in Slovenia, look no further than Škofja Loka. Nestled amidst the Julian Alps, this medieval gem offers a safe and enriching experience for women traveling solo. Join me on an adventure as we dive into the mesmerizing beauty and captivating history of Škofja Loka.

Getting there

Conveniently located just a short drive from Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, Škofja Loka is easily accessible by public transportation. Grab a bus from Ljubljana’s main bus station, and in roughly 30 minutes, you’ll find yourself in the heart of this enchanting town. The bus ride itself is a scenic journey, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking landscapes of the Slovenian countryside.

Where to stay

For solo women travelers seeking a comfortable and secure accommodation, I recommend staying at one of Škofja Loka’s charming guesthouses or small hotels. With their friendly staff and cozy atmosphere, these establishments provide a welcoming retreat after a day of exploration. Check out the picturesque Hostel Panorama, which offers affordable dormitory-style rooms and a communal kitchen, perfect for socializing with fellow travelers.

Discovering the Old Town

Škofja Loka’s Old Town is a captivating maze of narrow streets, colorful facades, and well-preserved medieval architecture. Stroll through the central square, Mestni Trg, and admire the striking Škofja Loka Castle, a historical landmark that dominates the skyline. Explore the delightfully charming alleys, such as Glavni Trg and Stara Loka, which are lined with quaint shops, cozy cafes, and local artisans selling their crafts.

Getting lost in history

As a history enthusiast, I highly recommend immersing yourself in Škofja Loka’s rich past by visiting the Škofja Loka Museum. Housed in an impressive 16th-century mansion, the museum takes you on a journey through time, showcasing artifacts and exhibits that depict the town’s medieval origins. Don’t miss the chance to explore the museum’s vast collection of Gothic art and immerse yourself in the stories of the past.

A spiritual journey to the Capuchin Church

For a moment of tranquility and reflection, the Capuchin Church in Škofja Loka offers a peaceful sanctuary. Admire the beautiful frescoes that adorn the interior walls, and take a moment to sit and appreciate the serene atmosphere. The church’s location on a hill also provides breathtaking views of the town and its surrounding natural beauty.

Embrace the Outdoors

As a woman traveling alone, safety is of the utmost importance. Luckily, Škofja Loka offers several outdoor activities that are both enjoyable and secure.

Hiking to Crni Kal Hill

Strap on your walking shoes and embark on a picturesque hike up Crni Kal Hill. The well-marked trails guide you through lush forests and meadows, offering spectacular views of the Julian Alps along the way. The summit rewards your efforts with a breathtaking panoramic vista of Škofja Loka and its surrounding natural wonders.

Cycling along the Sora River

For an active and scenic adventure, rent a bicycle and cycle along the Sora River. The flat and well-maintained cycle path meanders through picturesque landscapes, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling town center. The refreshing breeze and soothing sound of flowing water make for a truly blissful experience.

Indulge in Local Flavors

No travel experience is complete without savoring the local cuisine, and Škofja Loka doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Indulge your taste buds with traditional Slovenian dishes at one of the town’s charming restaurants.

Try the Škofjeloški Štruklji

Don’t leave Škofja Loka without trying the famous Škofjeloški štruklji, a local specialty. These rolled dumplings, filled with a variety of fillings such as walnuts, cottage cheese, or tarragon, are a true delight for the palate. Pair them with a glass of locally produced wine for an authentic culinary experience.

Visit the Farmers’ Market

For a true taste of local life, head to the Farmers’ Market held every Saturday. Sample a variety of fresh produce, cheeses, honey, and other regional products. Engage with the friendly vendors, learn about traditional cooking methods, and even pick up some ingredients to prepare your own delicious meal.


With its captivating history, breathtaking natural surroundings, and warm hospitality, Škofja Loka is the ideal destination for solo women travelers looking to embrace adventure in a safe and friendly environment. So pack your bags, put on your explorer’s hat, and get ready to create unforgettable memories in this hidden Slovenian gem.

Accommodation options in Škofja Loka for Solo Female Travelers


  • Hotel Grajski Dvor – Located in the historic town center
  • Hotel Sabina – Family-run hotel with a cozy atmosphere
  • Hotel Actum – Stylish boutique hotel with modern amenities


  • Penzion Na Klancu – Charming guesthouse surrounded by nature
  • Penzion Miškar – Rustic guesthouse offering comfortable rooms


  • Hostel Bunk – Budget-friendly hostel with a social atmosphere
  • Hostel Stara Loka – Quaint hostel located in a historic building

Camping and Caravan Options

  • Camping Šobec – Campsite located by a beautiful lake, offers caravan spaces
  • Camping Trnovc – Riverside camping site suitable for tents and caravans

Must-See Places in Škofja Loka

Škofja Loka Castle

Explore the well-preserved castle dating back to the 13th century. Admire the stunning views from the tower and learn about the town’s history in the museum.

Old Town Square

Visit the picturesque Old Town Square lined with colorful buildings. Stop by the Škofja Loka Museum and enjoy the charming ambiance of the square.

St. Jacob’s Church

Marvel at the Gothic-style church located in the heart of Škofja Loka. Don’t miss the impressive exterior and the beautiful frescoes inside.

Škofja Loka Capuchin Monastery

Discover the serene Capuchin Monastery, known for its peaceful gardens and religious significance. Take a stroll through the grounds and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Kvaternik Manor

Visit the historic manor house, which now houses a cultural center and exhibition spaces. Learn about the local art and culture through various exhibitions and events.

The Devil’s Bridge

Walk across the Devil’s Bridge, an ancient stone bridge with a legend surrounding its construction. Enjoy the scenic views of the Sora River and the surrounding countryside.

Visoko Mansion

Explore the elegant Visoko Mansion, a grand estate surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland. Visit the museum inside to learn about the noble family and their influence on the region.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Škofja Loka

Škofjeloški Štruklji

Škofjeloški štruklji are a traditional Slovenian dish that originated in Škofja Loka. They are rolled dumplings made of thin stretched dough filled with various fillings such as cottage cheese, tarragon, walnuts, or poppy seeds. The dumplings are then baked or boiled and served as a delicious and hearty meal. Škofjeloški štruklji are a must-try when visiting Škofja Loka.

Cviček Wine

Cviček wine is a unique Slovenian wine that is produced in the Škofja Loka region. It is a light, dry, and slightly acidic red wine made from a blend of red and white grape varieties. Cviček wine is known for its low alcohol content and refreshing taste, making it a perfect choice to accompany your meal in Škofja Loka. It pairs well with traditional Slovenian dishes and is a popular choice among locals.

**Daily Costs for Solo Travellers in Škofja Loka**

– Breakfast: €5-€10
– Lunch: €8-€15
– Dinner: €10-€20
– Snacks: €3-€5

– Budget Hostel: €15-€30 per night
– Mid-range Hotel: €50-€80 per night
– Luxury Hotel: €100-€150 per night

– Local Bus Ticket: €1-€2
– Taxi: €5-€10 per short ride
– Car Rental: €30-€50 per day

**Safety for Women Solo Travellers in Škofja Loka**

**Personal Safety:**
– Škofja Loka is generally considered a safe city for women solo travellers.
– Exercise basic precautionary measures like keeping your belongings secure and being aware of your surroundings.
– Stick to well-traveled and well-lit areas, especially at night.

**Public Transportation Safety:**
– Public transportation in Škofja Loka is safe for women solo travellers.
– Buses and taxis are reliable and trustworthy.
– Use licensed taxis or reputable ride-hailing services for a safer travel experience.

**Nighttime Safety:**
– Škofja Loka is relatively quiet at night, but still safe for women solo travellers.
– Avoid walking alone in secluded areas at night and be cautious if approached by strangers.
– It is recommended to use transportation options like taxis or rideshare services after dark.

**Emergency Contacts:**
– Emergency Services: 112
– Local Police: +386 113
– Tourist Police: +386 080 1200

Remember, while Škofja Loka is generally safe, it’s always important to trust your instincts and take necessary precautions to ensure a pleasant and secure solo travel experience.