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Travelling to Mogadishu / Somalia as Solo Traveller.

Welcome to Mogadishu: A Solo Woman Traveler’s Guide


Hey there, fellow wanderers! Welcome to my travel blog, where I’m sharing my adventures and experiences from around the world. Today, I’m thrilled to take you on an unforgettable journey to Mogadishu, a city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide all the special details you need to know as a solo woman traveler exploring this fascinating destination. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Getting to Mogadishu

1.1. International Flights

To reach Mogadishu, you can catch international flights from major airports around the world. The Aden Adde International Airport is the main gateway to the city, and it’s well-connected to various destinations. Make sure to check for the most reliable airlines that operate flights to and from Mogadishu.

1.2. Domestic Transportation

Once you land at Aden Adde International Airport, you’ll find plenty of options to get around the city. From taxis and car rentals to local buses, the transportation network in Mogadishu is bustling and diverse, ensuring convenient travel throughout your stay.

2. Safety Tips for Solo Woman Travelers

Now, let’s address the concern of safety as a woman traveling alone in Mogadishu. While the city has had a tumultuous past, it is making remarkable strides towards stability and security. To ensure your safety during your stay, consider these essential tips:

2.1. Dressing Appropriately and Respectfully

In Mogadishu, it’s advisable to respect local customs and adhere to cultural norms. Dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees, to show respect for the local traditions and maintain a low profile as a traveler.

2.2. Research & Identify Safe Neighborhoods

Before your trip, conduct thorough research about the city’s safest neighborhoods or areas. Staying in well-known districts like Hamar-Jadiid, Hodan, or Wadajir can offer you a sense of security and ease during your stay.

2.3. Stay Connected and Share Your Itinerary

It’s always a good idea to stay connected with your loved ones and share your itinerary with a trusted friend or family member. Keeping someone informed about your whereabouts will provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

3. Must-See Attractions in Mogadishu

Now, let’s explore the captivating attractions that Mogadishu has to offer. From breathtaking architecture to historical landmarks, this city will enchant you at every turn:

3.1. The Mogadishu Lighthouse

One of the iconic symbols of the city, the Mogadishu Lighthouse stands tall on the coastline, offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of the coastline and capture stunning photographs.

3.2. The National Museum of Somalia

History buffs will be delighted to visit the National Museum of Somalia, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts that showcase the country’s culture and heritage. Explore ancient relics, traditional art, and learn about the rich history of Mogadishu.

3.3. Liido Beach

Escape the bustling city and unwind at the beautiful Liido Beach. Enjoy the warm sand between your toes, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply bask in the sun while sipping refreshing coconut water. It’s a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate.

4. Experiencing the Local Cuisine

To truly immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of Mogadishu, indulge in the local cuisine. The city boasts a diverse range of traditional delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds:

4.1. Xalwo (Halva)

A favorite sweet treat among locals, Xalwo is a dense and aromatic dessert made with sugar, ghee, cardamom, and various toppings like almonds or pistachios. Don’t miss the chance to try this delightful delicacy during your stay!

4.2. Somali Tea

Exploring Mogadishu is incomplete without savoring a cup of Somali Tea. This spiced tea, often served with a dash of milk and sugar, is a popular drink found in local cafes and markets. It’s the perfect beverage to accompany your conversations with friendly locals.


Mogadishu, with its captivating attractions, warm hospitality, and remarkable progress, is now a destination ready to be explored by solo women travelers. By following safety tips, respecting local customs, and immersing yourself in the city’s unique cultural experiences, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime. So ladies, pack your bags, set off on this incredible journey, and embrace the wonders of Mogadishu!

Possible Accommodation Options for Women Solo Travelers in Mogadishu:

1. Jazeera Palace Hotel

Luxury Hotel

Located in the heart of Mogadishu, Jazeera Palace Hotel offers luxurious accommodation with spacious rooms and modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

2. Peace Hotel

Budget Hotel

Peace Hotel provides affordable accommodation for solo travelers, offering clean rooms and basic amenities within a convenient location in Mogadishu.

3. Sahafi Hotel

Mid-Range Hotel

Situated in a central area, Sahafi Hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with necessary facilities. The hotel also provides a pleasant environment for women solo travelers.

4. Maamuus Hotel

Boutique Hotel

Maamuus Hotel offers a unique boutique experience with tastefully decorated rooms and a tranquil atmosphere, providing a safe and cozy environment for women traveling alone.

Camping or Caravan Options in Mogadishu:
Please note that camping or caravan options may not be readily available in Mogadishu. It is recommended to consider staying in one of the aforementioned accommodations for a safe and comfortable stay.

Must-See Places in Mogadishu:

1. Liido Beach

Sandy Beach and Recreational Area

Liido Beach is a popular destination known for its beautiful sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can relax, sunbathe, swim, and participate in various water sports activities.

2. Mogadishu Cathedral

Historical Landmark

The Mogadishu Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, is an iconic historical site in the city. It showcases a blend of Gothic and Moorish architectural styles.

3. National Museum of Somalia

Cultural Museum

The National Museum of Somalia exhibits a rich collection of historical artifacts, traditional crafts, and cultural displays, providing insights into the country’s heritage.

4. Mogadishu Lighthouse

Scenic Landmark

The Mogadishu Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the coast and the city. It serves as a popular spot for tourists to take in the breathtaking scenery and capture memorable photos.

5. Bakara Market

Traditional Market

Bakara Market is a bustling and vibrant local market where visitors can explore a wide range of goods, including food, clothing, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It offers an authentic Somali shopping experience.

6. Somali National Theatre

Cultural Performance Venue

The Somali National Theatre showcases traditional Somali music, dance, and plays. It is a great place to immerse yourself in the local arts and culture scene.

Please note that while these places offer unique experiences, it is essential to ensure personal safety and adhere to local customs and guidelines when visiting Mogadishu.

Favorite Foods to Eat in Mogadishu

1. Bariis Ishkukaris (Somali Rice)

Bariis Ishkukaris is a popular Somali rice dish that is commonly enjoyed in Mogadishu. It is made by cooking basmati rice with a mixture of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin. The addition of meat, such as chicken or goat, and vegetables like carrots and peas, adds flavor and texture to the dish. Bariis Ishkukaris is typically served with a side of salad or banana. It is a hearty and flavorful meal that is loved by locals and visitors alike.

2. Canjeero (Somali Pancakes)

Canjeero, also known as Somali pancakes, is a staple food in Mogadishu. These round, spongy pancakes are made from a fermented batter of flour, water, and yeast. Canjeero is usually eaten for breakfast or as a snack, and it can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings and accompaniments such as honey, butter, or stew. The pancakes have a slightly sour taste due to the fermentation process and are often enjoyed with Somali tea. Canjeero is a must-try dish for a true taste of Mogadishu’s cuisine.

3. Muqmad (Somali Jerky)

Muqmad is a traditional Somali food that is commonly consumed in Mogadishu. It is a type of jerky made from beef or goat meat that is marinated in a mixture of spices, then sun-dried or air-dried for preservation. Muqmad is often served as a snack or used as an ingredient in various dishes. The meat is typically tender and flavorful, with a slightly chewy texture. It can be enjoyed on its own or added to stews, rice dishes, or pasta for added taste and texture.

4. Xalwo (Somali Halva)

Xalwo, also known as Somali Halva, is a beloved dessert in Mogadishu. It is a sweet treat made from a combination of semolina, sugar, ghee (clarified butter), and various flavorings such as cardamom or rosewater. Xalwo has a soft and dense texture, similar to fudge, and it is often garnished with nuts or dried fruits. It is commonly served during festive occasions and celebrations. The rich and indulgent taste of Xalwo makes it a delightful ending to a meal in Mogadishu.

5. Sukhar Biyah (Somali Tea)

Sukhar Biyah, or Somali tea, is a popular and refreshing beverage in Mogadishu. It is a spiced milk tea made by boiling black tea leaves with a mixture of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. The tea is then sweetened with sugar and mixed with milk to create a creamy and aromatic drink. Sukhar Biyah is often enjoyed throughout the day and is an integral part of Somali hospitality. It provides a comforting and warming experience, especially when accompanied by sweet pastries or Canjeero.

Daily Costs in Mogadishu


– Street food: $5-$10 per meal
– Local restaurants: $10-$15 per meal
– Mid-range restaurants: $15-$25 per meal


– Budget guesthouses: $30-$50 per night
– Mid-range hotels: $60-$100 per night
– Luxury hotels: $150 and above per night


– Taxis: $5-$10 for short distances within the city
– Public transportation: $1-$2 for a single ride

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Mogadishu

General Safety Tips

– Research and dress appropriately according to local customs and cultural norms.
– Avoid traveling alone at night and opt for group activities or accompanied outings.
– Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Accommodation Safety

– Choose reputable hotels or guesthouses in safe neighborhoods.
– Ensure your accommodation has proper security measures, such as secure entry and reliable locks.

Transportation Safety

– Use trusted and licensed transportation services whenever possible.
– Avoid traveling alone in public transportation, especially at night.
– Prearrange transportation or use hotel-recommended drivers for added safety.

Cultural Sensitivity

– Respect local customs and traditions, including clothing choices and behavior.
– Be cautious when taking photographs, always ask for permission, and respect if someone declines.

Please note that travel safety can change, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest information and advisories before planning your trip to Mogadishu.