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Exploring the beauty of Capitol Hill / Washington DC as Solo Traveller.

Welcome to Capitol Hill: A Solo Woman Traveler’s Adventure

About Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, located in Washington D.C., is not only the political heart of the United States but also boasts a vibrant and thriving neighborhood. As a solo woman traveler, embarking on an adventure to Capitol Hill promises a unique experience filled with history, culture, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. So, put on your exploring shoes and join me as we dive into the wonders of this fascinating district.

Getting around Capitol Hill

Public Transportation

Capitol Hill is well-connected with an efficient public transportation system. The closest metro station is Capitol South, providing easy access to the area. Utilize the Metrobus and Metrorail to conveniently explore the nooks and crannies of this fascinating destination.

Exploring on Foot

Don’t miss the chance to stroll through the captivating streets of Capitol Hill. Walking around brings you closer to the beautiful historic brownstones and iconic landmarks that make this neighborhood so unique. As a solo traveler, you’ll feel safe and welcome as you immerse yourself in the friendly environment.

Must-See Landmarks

United States Capitol

A trip to Capitol Hill is incomplete without vising the iconic United States Capitol. Take a guided tour and discover the rich history and significance of this remarkable architectural masterpiece. Be sure to explore the surrounding Capitol Hill Historic District, with its stunning gardens and fountains.

Library of Congress

Book lovers rejoice, as the Library of Congress beckons you to step inside its magnificent halls. Explore the world’s largest library and indulge in its impressive collection of books, maps, and manuscripts. Don’t forget to admire the stunning architecture and ornate interiors as you navigate through this sanctuary of knowledge.

Embracing Culture and the Arts

Eastern Market

Head to the vibrant Eastern Market, located on Capitol Hill. The market is a treasure trove of artisanal crafts, fresh local produce, and delectable food options. Sample mouth-watering cuisine from around the world while supporting local businesses. Strike up a conversation with the friendly vendors and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere.

The Folger Shakespeare Library

Calling all literature enthusiasts! Make your way to The Folger Shakespeare Library, a haven for lovers of the written word. With its vast collection of Shakespearean works and frequent performances, this library ensures a delightful experience. Catch a live show or explore the stunning gardens. It’s a haven for the artist within.

Relaxing and Unwinding

Strolling Through Parks

Capitol Hill boasts delightful parks perfect for a solo traveler to relax and recharge. One such gem is Stanton Park, with its picturesque surroundings and tranquil atmosphere. Spend some time reading a book or simply soaking in the serene surroundings. Always remember to prioritize your safety and choose well-populated parks during your solo adventures.

Enjoying Local Coffee Shops

Discovering Capitol Hill’s coffee culture is a must-do for any solo woman traveler. Find a cozy spot in one of the neighborhood’s charming coffee shops and savor a steaming cup of revitalizing coffee. Engage in conversation with friendly locals or simply enjoy your own company while sipping on your favorite brew.

Capitol Hill awaits your exploration, solo woman traveler! By embracing this neighborhood’s rich history, delightful culture, and warm hospitality, you’ll create unforgettable memories on your adventure. So, pack your bags, venture into this vibrant district, and let Capitol Hill captivate you with its unique charm.

Accommodation Options for Women Solo Travelers in Capitol Hill

1. Hotel Eastlund

A modern boutique hotel located in the heart of Eastside Portland. The hotel offers a comfortable stay with amenities such as complimentary continental breakfast, fitness center, and free Wi-Fi.

2. Ace Hotel Portland

A trendy and artistic hotel with a vintage-inspired decor. It features private rooms and shared accommodations, a communal lobby area, and a friendly atmosphere. The hotel also offers bike rentals for guests.

3. Eaton Hotel

A vibrant and progressive hotel, known for its dedication to culture, wellness, and sustainability. The hotel offers various room options, on-site dining, a rooftop bar, and hosts various events focused on social impact.

4. Portland Hawthorne Hostel

A budget-friendly hostel located in the Hawthorne District. It provides both dormitory-style and private rooms, a communal kitchen, free breakfast, and a cozy common area to meet fellow travelers.

5. Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

A unique accommodation option offering a stay in a tiny house on wheels. The Caravan features a collection of custom-built tiny houses with different designs and amenities. Each tiny house provides a comfortable and cozy experience.

6. RV Campgrounds in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill does not offer many camping or caravan options within the city. However, there are several RV campgrounds within a reasonable driving distance, including Beacon Rock State Park, Champoeg State Heritage Area, and Memaloose State Park.

Must-See Places in Capitol Hill

1. United States Capitol

The iconic domed building where the United States Congress meets. Visitors can explore the Capitol Visitor Center, take guided tours, and learn about the history and workings of the American government.

2. Library of Congress

The largest library in the world, housing millions of books, recordings, and manuscripts. Visitors can take guided tours, explore exhibitions, and admire the stunning architecture of the Thomas Jefferson Building.

3. Eastern Market

A historic public market offering a vibrant atmosphere with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local crafts. Visitors can shop for unique souvenirs, enjoy delicious food, and experience the lively neighborhood atmosphere.

4. Lincoln Park

A picturesque park featuring the Emancipation Memorial, a statue dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery. It offers walking paths, a playground, and a peaceful environment to relax and enjoy nature.

5. Barracks Row

A charming street lined with historic row houses, trendy boutiques, and a variety of dining options. Visitors can explore the neighborhood’s unique shops, stop by one of the local cafes, or enjoy a meal at a lively restaurant.

6. Congressional Cemetery

An eclectic cemetery with historical significance, where many notable figures are buried. Visitors can take self-guided tours, explore the beautiful grounds, and learn about the stories of the people resting there.

7. National Postal Museum

A fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the United States Postal Service. Visitors can view exhibits on stamp collecting, mail transportation, and explore interactive displays showcasing the evolution of mail delivery.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Capitol Hill

1. Crabcakes

Crabcakes are a beloved seafood delicacy that you must try while at Capitol Hill. These crispy golden patties are made with delicious chunks of fresh crab meat, mixed with breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, and various seasonings. They are then pan-fried to perfection, resulting in a crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful center. Crabcakes are often served with a tangy remoulade sauce and a squeeze of lemon, making them a delightful treat for seafood lovers.

2. Pacific Northwest Salmon

When in Capitol Hill, don’t miss the chance to indulge in some mouthwatering Pacific Northwest salmon. Known for its exceptional flavor and tender, flaky texture, this local specialty is usually grilled or roasted to perfection. The salmon’s natural richness is enhanced by simple yet flavorful seasonings like lemon, dill, and garlic. Served alongside fresh greens or roasted vegetables, Pacific Northwest salmon is a highlight of Capitol Hill’s culinary scene.

3. Organic Locally-Sourced Burgers

Capitol Hill is home to a vibrant farm-to-table culture, and you’ll find numerous restaurants offering organic, locally-sourced burgers that are simply delicious. These burgers feature high-quality beef patties, often sourced from nearby sustainable farms, cooked to your desired doneness. Topped with fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onions, and a variety of gourmet cheeses, these burgers are truly a treat for burger enthusiasts.

4. Artisanal Pizza

If you’re a pizza lover, Capitol Hill won’t disappoint with its selection of artisanal pizza joints. From wood-fired ovens to handcrafted dough, these pizzas are made with care and attention to detail. You’ll find a wide range of toppings, including fresh vegetables, premium meats, and unique flavor combinations. Whether you prefer a classic margherita or an adventurous truffle and mushroom pizza, Capitol Hill has something to satisfy every pizza craving.

5. Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Capitol Hill is known for its diverse culinary scene, and one standout option is authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Explore the vibrant flavors of injera (traditional sourdough flatbread) and various stews and curries. Many Ethiopian restaurants offer communal platters where you can share a variety of dishes with friends or family. The experience of scooping up tender meats, lentils, and vegetables with injera using your hands is entirely unique and should not be missed.

Daily Costs in Capitol Hill for Solo Travelers


– Average cost of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $15
– Average cost of a meal at a mid-range restaurant: $30
– Daily budget for food: $40


– Average cost of a budget hotel or hostel: $100 per night
– Average cost of a mid-range hotel: $200 per night
– Daily budget for accommodation: $100-200


– Average cost of a one-way public transportation ticket: $2.75
– Average cost of a taxi or rideshare for short distances: $10-15
– Daily budget for transportation: $10-20

Safety for Women Solo Travelers in Capitol Hill


Capitol Hill is generally considered a safe neighborhood for women solo travelers. However, it’s always important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night.

Tips for Safety

– Stick to well-lit and populated areas during the night.
– Avoid walking alone late at night, especially in secluded areas.
– Use trusted transportation methods such as taxis or rideshares when traveling alone at night.
– Keep your belongings secure and be mindful of pickpockets in crowded areas.
– Stay informed about the local emergency numbers and make note of safe havens, such as police stations or hotels.

Local Attitudes

Capitol Hill is a diverse and inclusive neighborhood, and locals are generally respectful towards women travelers. However, as with any destination, it’s always advised to trust your instincts and seek help or assistance if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.