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Exploring the beauty of Eau Claire / Wisconsin as Solo Traveller.

Eau Claire: A Haven for Woman Solo Travelers

Welcome to Eau Claire!

Hey there! Welcome to my travel blog where I share my adventures and experiences as a solo female traveler. Today, I want to take you on a journey to the picturesque city of Eau Claire. Situated in beautiful Wisconsin, Eau Claire offers a perfect blend of nature, culture, and safety, making it an ideal destination for solo women travelers like myself. So, let’s dive right into the charm of this amazing city!

Where to Stay

As a solo traveler, finding accommodation that caters to your needs is crucial, and Eau Claire offers plenty of safe and comfortable options. The downtown area is a great starting point, with numerous hotels such as the Riverside Inn and Downtown Suites offering affordable rates and friendly staff who prioritize your safety and comfort.

Exploring Nature

When it comes to enjoying nature, Eau Claire leaves no stone unturned. One of my favorite spots to immerse myself in nature is the beautiful Carson Park. This vast park offers scenic walking trails, lush greenery, and the mesmerizing Half Moon Lake. Whether you’re into jogging, picnicking, or simply enjoying the tranquility, Carson Park is a must-visit.

For the adventurous souls, heading to Mount Simon Park will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. This park offers exhilarating hiking trails along the river and breathtaking views from the top. Don’t forget to pack your camera as you’ll definitely want to capture the jaw-dropping scenery.

Indulging in Culture

Eau Claire prides itself on its vibrant arts and culture scene, making it a dream destination for solo women travelers seeking unique experiences. An absolute gem is the Eau Claire Art Museum. This hub of creativity houses an extensive collection of contemporary artworks, captivating exhibits, and a cozy cafe where you can relax and soak in the artistic ambiance.

Additionally, don’t miss out on the bustling farmers markets held every Wednesday and Saturday in Phoenix Park. Here, you can sample local delicacies, explore handmade crafts, and mingle with friendly locals who are always ready to strike up a conversation.

Staying Safe

Safety is a top priority for any solo traveler, and Eau Claire provides a secure environment for women wanting to explore independently. The city is known for its low crime rate and friendly locals who are always willing to offer a helping hand. While it’s always essential to be cautious, you can rest assured that Eau Claire is a welcoming and safe haven for women traveling alone.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the local emergency numbers and carry a copy of important documents in case of any unforeseen circumstances. It’s also a good idea to inform someone back home of your travel plans, giving you an extra sense of security.


Eau Claire truly offers a delightful experience for solo women travelers. From the serenity of its natural wonders to the vibrant culture that surrounds you, this city has so much to offer. So ladies, grab your bags, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the charming city of Eau Claire!

Possible Accommodation Options for Women Solo Travelers in Eau Claire:
1. Hotel XYZ: Located in the heart of downtown Eau Claire, this modern hotel offers comfortable rooms with various amenities.
2. Rosewood Inn: A charming bed and breakfast known for its warm hospitality and cozy atmosphere.
3. Hostel Eau Claire: Budget-friendly accommodation option providing shared dormitories and common areas for socializing with fellow travelers.
4. Airbnb Rentals: Numerous private rooms and apartments available for solo travelers seeking a more personalized experience.
5. Riverside Campground: Located on the outskirts of Eau Claire, this scenic campground offers tent and RV sites near the beautiful Chippewa River.

Must-See Places in Eau Claire:
1. Carson Park (H2): A large park with beautiful natural trails, a historical museum, and a small train ride for visitors to enjoy.
2. Downtown Eau Claire (H2): Explore the vibrant downtown area filled with unique shops, art galleries, local eateries, and live music venues.
2.1 Phoenix Park (H3): This riverside park hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the popular summer concert series.
2.2 Pablo Center at the Confluence (H3): A state-of-the-art facility showcasing performing arts, visual arts, and cultural programs.
3. Chippewa River State Trail (H2): A scenic hiking and biking trail that follows the winding Chippewa River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.
4. Leinenkugel’s Brewery (H2): Take a guided tour of this historic brewery to learn about the brewing process and sample some of their famous beers.
5. Children’s Museum of Eau Claire (H2): A fun and educational destination for families and solo travelers alike, featuring interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.
6. Irvine Park (H2): A picturesque park home to a small zoo, scenic trails, and picnic areas, perfect for a leisurely stroll or family outing.
7. Eau Claire Regional Arts Center (H2): Experience the vibrant arts scene of Eau Claire through various performances, art exhibitions, and community events hosted at this cultural hub.

These are just a few of the many attractions and accommodations available in Eau Claire, ensuring an enjoyable experience for solo women travelers.

Favorite Foods to Eat at Eau Claire

1. Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are a beloved Wisconsin specialty and a must-try when visiting Eau Claire. These bite-sized nuggets of fresh cheese are typically made from cheddar and have a mild, salty flavor. The curds are usually coated in batter and deep-fried until golden and crispy on the outside, while remaining soft and gooey on the inside. They are traditionally served with a side of ranch or marinara sauce, making them the perfect appetizer or snack.

2. Fish Fry

Eau Claire is known for its fantastic fish fry, a Friday night tradition in the Midwest. A fish fry typically consists of battered and deep-fried fish, most commonly cod, accompanied by various sides such as French fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce. The fish is flaky and tender, with a crispy coating that adds a delightful crunch. Enjoying a fish fry at one of Eau Claire’s local restaurants is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the local food culture.

3. Cranberry Pie

In Wisconsin, cranberries are a staple ingredient, and Eau Claire is no exception. Cranberry pie is a popular dessert that showcases the tangy and slightly sweet flavor of cranberries. The pie typically features a buttery and flaky crust, filled with a mixture of cranberries, sugar, and sometimes other fruits like apples or oranges. This delightful pie offers a balance of sweetness and tartness, making it a perfect way to end a meal in Eau Claire.

4. Scandinavian Lefse

Eau Claire has a strong Scandinavian influence, and one delicious treat that originates from this cultural heritage is lefse. Lefse is a traditional Norwegian flatbread made from potatoes, flour, butter, and cream. It is rolled into thin rounds and cooked on a griddle until lightly browned and flexible. Commonly enjoyed as a snack or dessert, lefse can be spread with butter, cinnamon, sugar, or other sweet or savory fillings. Trying lefse in Eau Claire is like taking a culinary journey to Scandinavia right in the heart of Wisconsin.

Daily Costs for Solo Travellers in Eau Claire


– Breakfast: $8-$15
– Lunch: $10-$20
– Dinner: $15-$30
– Snacks: $5-$10
– Average daily food cost: $38-$75


– Budget hotel/hostel: $50-$80 per night
– Mid-range hotel: $100-$150 per night
– Luxury hotel: $200-$300+ per night
– Average daily stay cost: $50-$300


– Public transportation (bus): $1.50-$3 per ride
– Taxi/Uber: $10-$20 for short distances
– Rental car (per day): $50-$100
– Average daily transportation cost: $10-$50

Safety for Woman Solo Travellers in Eau Claire


Eau Claire is generally considered a safe city for solo female travelers. It has a low crime rate and offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. However, it’s always important to take necessary precautions and be mindful of your surroundings.

Tips for Safety

– Stick to well-populated and well-lit areas, especially at night.
– Avoid walking alone late at night and consider using taxis or rideshare services instead.
– Keep your belongings secure and be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas.
– Research and choose accommodations in safe neighborhoods.
– Trust your instincts and if something feels off, remove yourself from the situation.
– Stay connected with friends or family members back home and let them know your whereabouts.

Note: While Eau Claire is generally safe, it’s essential to stay informed about current safety conditions and follow travel advisories issued by local authorities.